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XT 2020 Touring Car

Thu 31 Oct 2019


RS5 Parts Database

Wed 04 Jan 2019

XT 2019 Touring Car

Sun 11 Nov 2018


Beast I2 engine

Sat 11 Nov 2018
RS5 Modelsport are a trusted leading manufacturer of inovative professional competition Large Scale R/C cars and accesories such as the "F" series 7 times European Champion Formula One Cars, the "T" series 3 times European Champion Touring Cars, the R-Power steel and titanium Exhaust systems, and the LSDiff autolock differential system.

Our motto:

"Development never ends. Last year’s winner car will not be fast enough to win the future races. Thus we must search for new and individual solutions all the time. If we copy the existing ones, we could be just as good as the originals, and never better…"