T13 car specification


We are proud to present You our new and innovative T13 car. The T13 is an updated version of the 2 times European Champion (2011, 2012) T12 car. At 2011 we made an huge step forward with the creation of the T12 car. By winning the European Championship at 2011 everybody was amazed of the potential and performance of the car. The T12 entered to the market at 2012 February, and immediately was an big success. The car immediately start to collect track records and victories. The rest of the 2012 racing session for us was researching new and individual ideas, speaking with people and lissening His notices about the Car. At the Euro 2012 at Valencia was the next big examination of the T12. We get again the opportunity to compete our products against the best drivers of the world and against to the other cars. The T12 with some new improved components was again the “car to beat”. With an excellent and dominate drive, Martin Bayer win the 2012 European Championship again. This victory was more dominant then the last year one. At the semi and at the main final was after some laps no really competitor how can run the same pace as Martin. With this victory Martin and RS5 enter an unique club, the club of the “title defender”. On 1/5 class between us is only one driver/car combination how can make this. And this title defend give an exact answer to everyone, the victory of the Euro 2011 was not luck or an “one race magic”, it was the start of an new era, the era of the Carbon Car.

The creation of the T13 car the main focus was to make the car more service friendly, and making more setup possibilities. At the T12 we redesign the rear part of the car completely and by the T13 we do the same with the front part of the car.

T13 CAD 001 T13 CAD 002 T13 CAD 003 T13 CAD 004 T13 CAD 005
T13 CAD 006 T13 CAD 007 T13 CAD 008 T13 CAD 009 T13 CAD 010
T13 CAD 011 T13 CAD 012 T13 CAD 013 T13 CAD 014 T13 CAD 015
T13 CAD 016 T13 CAD 017 T13 CAD 018 T13 CAD 019 T13 CAD 020
T13 CAD 021 T13 CAD 022 T13 CAD 023 T13 CAD 024 T13 CAD 025
T13 CAD 026 T13 CAD 027 T13 CAD 028 T13 CAD 029 T13 CAD 030
T13 CAD 031 T13 CAD 032 T13 CAD 033 T13 CAD 034 T13 CAD 035